Elderyarding® - one-of-a-kind designs that are all about you!

Each of us has an individual response to nature. Some of us have strong memories of the outdoors, of happy times in our lives. As we get older, our response to nature becomes part of the rich fabric of our lives, offering us visual and sensory pleasures that are unique.  In addition to the simple pleasures of the outdoors, there’s also a body of research that supports nature’s value in supporting memory, reducing depression, and decreasing stress. 

As a landscape architect, I'm experienced in planning spaces to meet the needs of clients in an aesthetically pleasing way, considering design trends and society's expectations. But I always wanted to personalize a design so it's based on the way a client responds to and interacts with the natural world. 

And that’s how Elderyarding® was created. It's a type of design where we discover together how you perceive nature using your five senses. Knowing this, I can design a yard or garden that’s a perfect fit to support you in aging well. I apply up-to-date research in my evaluation and re-design services. 

The design begins with an Independence Audit of the area outside your home to identify where modification can increase safety and reduce risk of falls or injury when performing your usual outside tasks. 

Here’s a sample of the services available from Second Summer™. It’s a starting point for the work we can do together. You may choose all of them, or you may want to select some services now and some as your physical needs change over time. Our services are always tailored to your individual needs. 

A thoughtfully designed yard or garden design may include such services as: 
•    Providing protective areas for exercise and maintaining physical health.
•    Increasing viewing pleasure of landscape from within the home or porch areas.
•    Encouraging interaction with nature using all the senses and intended to invite visitation by birds and butterflies.
•    Enabling homeowner(s) to start, continue, or increase gardening activities.
•    Supporting meditation, reflection, prayer or other spiritual practice.
•    Updating previous Elderyarding® designs to meet changing requirements due to aging.
•    Developing guidelines for wayfinding and memory support for all ages for use by your community or homeowners' association. 

In addition to the landscape design, I will also solicit contractor bids and serve as owner’s representative during implementation of the design. My goal is to provide a seamless service from start to finish! 

Landscape architectural services are offered in Texas, with design services also available out-of-state. Consulting is available on-site, via phone, email, and Skype. 

Call now to schedule a meeting - 512-917-5758 - or email ann@enjoysecondsummer.com for a quick response to your questions.