The Garden Academy
at Second Summer


Wrap yourself in nature through learning


Garden Courses for Well-being

Intensely curious about the world outside your windows? Want to learn more and confirm how you belong with glorious, awesome Nature?

The Garden Academy offers online courses that celebrate the joy and healing nature offers us. The courses include concepts and methods applied every day by designers to shape three-dimensional outdoor space.

Go ahead.

Take those boards and pins you've collected on other sites.
Use the design principles you'll learn here.
Discover new ways to collaborate with the world outside your door.

Try what you learn immediately, starting with the first modules in each course, and savor your partnership with nature in the resulting well-designed garden.


Elderyarding®: Create an Ageless Garden

Use a deliberate strategy and ideas from research on design of senior living facilities to personalize your yard for safety, health and independence. Help yourself at age well at home by adapting nature to you.


Bring Nature Home to Your Home

Learn thoughtful ways to restore the natural environment and encourage birds, butterflies, bees and other insects to return and increase. think native plants and sustainable, eco-friendly approaches.


De-stress with Nature Right in Your Backyard

Explore how to get the most out of stress management, meditation, or forms of relaxation and contemplation when you're outside in nature using existing and new design and plantings in the yard.


Finding Your Nature's Heartprint

Discover your true one-of-a-kind connection with nature with guided explorations with your senses. Learn to feel at home anywhere, including city living and traveling. No garden required!!