Custom landscape design for nature-curious homeowners in the Austin - Cedar Park - Leander area
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Eco-friendly landscape design that embeds itself in your heart


You’ve gotten the inside of your home furnished and decorated just right. It’s simple yet comfy. When you walk in, you’re immediately relaxed, soothed, nourished.

Yes, you can get that same feeling with your yard - a one-of-a-kind place personal to you and your family, with just the right landscape design.

But what's NOT you - “feature-scaping.”

You know the list – the competition for the best fountain and the best deck and the best raised veggie beds and the best lighting and the best most-chosen chairs and the trendiest plants and... That’s SO not you!!

You say you're just not sure what's possible or how to partner with a designer? Here's FREE help for you:

Grab this guide: How to Work with a Landscape Architect

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What is your first memory of summer and nature? When each day seemed to last forever and being outdoors was delicious? Maybe you were making sand castles on the beach or building a tree house or watching a caterpillar ooze across a branch.

Your five senses embed both memories and a hunger to savor that experience again. With the landscape around your home, you can bring your responses to nature into the rich fabric of your life, offering you the simple pleasures of being outdoors in ways that are one-of-a-kind.

As a landscape architect, I'm experienced in planning outdoor spaces to meet the needs of clients in an aesthetically pleasing way. And I use my own special method for personalizing the design to your senses and memories. The result is based on the way everyone living in your house interacts with and is supported by the natural world.

When you are ready for a landscape design, whether you plan to do-it-yourself or hire a landscape contractor to install, let’s sit down and have a chat. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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What's the goal for your dream garden?

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Sustain nature

You love native plants and want a yard filled with birds, butterflies, native bees, bugs and bats. Your checklist includes drought tolerance, water for wildlife, nooks where fireflies can hatch and flicker at dusk.


Relax and heal.

You're frantic, stressed and can't get outdoors often. You're still longing for a nature connection, one that entices you in all seasons, from every window and door, for nature's restorative power, calm and soothing.



You're picturing family, friends, food, fun. A spot for romance, a spot for mud pies and picnics. Special plants, flowers and fragrance add pure enchantment as you chat and watch the sun go down.

Second Summer can help you reach that goal.

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