Gardening on a stable pathway

Gardening on a stable pathway

Exercise is vital for aging well. Not everyone is able to drive to a gym or park to work out, and sometimes houses just don't have space for exercising inside.  A safe surface exercise area in your yard can be the solution. Think of having just the right size and shape for the workout you prefer.

Doctors say walking is one of the best exercises. What about a well-designed set of pathways that draw you outside to exercise every time you see them? Walkways can be designed in many different ways to to keep you moving, strengthen memory and keep you oriented. Maintain the neural pathways in the brain as you maintain muscle tone!

What about a safe space to play with grandchildren? And to introduce them to gardening if you have a green thumb? If your yard also draws in birds, insects and butterflies, you create more memories through new experiences. That's even more support to keep your brain alert and the mental pathways strong. Enjoyment of the natural world in all its variations can lift depression and loneliness, one more reason to value and use your landscape for aging well with exercise.

Another exercise option is gardening! Yes, the physical movements required for gardening are recommended as just the right kind of moderate exercise for active aging. And new developments in raised garden designs, container gardens and ergonomic tools can bring the garden to your doorstep.

Or maybe you’d love a place for table games like checkers or dominoes, or a dedicated space for horseshoes or bocce ball.  We can help make your yard a “hub” for the social activities you most enjoy.

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