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Elderyarding®: Creating an Ageless Garden

Seven Super Benefits of This Course:

  1. Feel CONFIDENT you're in control of your outdoor life

  2. Have SOLUTIONS to use for the rest of your life

  3. Show your kids YOU are competently in charge of your safety

  4. Rely on your deliberate STRATEGY as your life changes

  5. Take advantage of NATURE indoors as well as out

  6. Learn new IDEAS that engage and energize your brain

  7. Connect with your personal WISDOM for solid decisions

You're in charge with Elderyarding®!

What is Elderyarding®?

  • Use a simple process to create exactly the landscape around your home that works for you right now and as you age.

  • Learn how you can adapt that landscape so it's your perfect health partner with nature throughout your life.

  • Discover how to keep yourself safe and comfortable in the yard, whether you want to garden, handle everyday outdoor tasks or just walk to the mailbox.

6 videos plus 2 FREE bonuses for downloading and immediate use!!
Watch and listen from your desktop computer, a tablet,or even from your phone.



Module 1

Introduction to Elderyarding®

Module 1 starts with a brief review of the changes you might experience with aging, then discusses how the concept of Elderyarding® came from the design research about nature in nursing homes and senior living communities. The module concludes with the six principles of Elderyarding® that you can apply to get the best health benefits of the research while staying in your home.

Module 4

The Senior Gardener

Module 4 looks at the fabulous new tools just for senior gardeners and discusses several options for raising the garden from the ground to a comfortable level. You'll also learn another way to define low maintenance and explore a variety of ways to keep gardening if you move to warmer weather during part of the year.

Module 2

Safely Being Outdoors

Module 2 considers basic safety when walking around in your yard. You'll consider how your movements might be different because of physical changes. You'll learn how to evaluate the space outside your home and how to make simple adaptations so you don't worry about falling when you're outside - from talking the dog for a walk to checking the mail or putting out the trash, you can stay safe.

Module 5

The Garden from Inside

Module 5 considers what can be done to build and strengthen the benefits of nature when you must stay inside the house. You'll identify ways to add greater garden connections by enhancing close and middle views with special plantings. And you'll be reminded of simple ways to attract birds and butterflies for enjoyment.

Module 3

Safety in Tasks Outdoors

Module 3 digs a bit deeper into safety. Even non-gardeners know there are chores to be done outside the house. You'll discover new ways to view your tools and equipment and some new ideas for adapting the environment so it's easy to handle those tasks. The module includes everything from watering to juggling packages to setting up a safe system for storing and working with garden chemicals.

Module 6

Special Flourishes

Module 6 takes a look at the social and spiritual aspects of the garden and how these increase in value as you get older. You'll evaluate lighting and shade as support for the brain's awareness of where you are. And you'll learn how to add meaningful garden area to reserve memories of someone special in your life.


FREE BONUS #1: An always-useful checklist for creating an Elderyarding® garden. Use the first column of handy checkboxes to mark what you want to do, then mark the second column when each task is done. Use the checklist as a long-term reminder, too. As your needs change, re-use the checklist to find new adjustments to help you adapt your outdoor environment to fit you.

FREE BONUS #2: A fabulous resource list. Want to dig into the aging-in-place research and find even more solutions that are perfect for you? This resource list pulls together the books you'll want to explore. Everything is written for the layperson. You don't need an academic background to benefit from the ideas here!