Here are the details of what's included in
Elderyarding: Creating an Ageless Garden

Determined to stay in your home for life? Elderyarding can help.
Discover exactly what you need to know to keep yourself safe and comfortable throughout your lifetime,
whether you want to garden or just handle everyday outdoor tasks.

6 videos plus 2 FREE bonuses for downloading and immediate use!!
Watch and listen from your desktop computer, a tablet,or even from your phone.



FREE BONUS #1: An always-useful checklist for creating an Elderyarding garden. Use the first column of handy checkboxes to mark what you want to do, then mark the second column when each task is done. Use the checklist as a long-term reminder, too. As your needs change, re-use the checklist to find new adjustments to help you adapt your outdoor environment to fit you.

FREE BONUS #2: A fabulous resource list. Want to dig into the research and find even more solutions that are perfect for you? This resource list pulls together the books you'll want to explore. Everything is written for the layperson. You don't need an academic background to benefit from the ideas here!