Design Services

Second Summer can help you with the perfect landscape for your home locally or online in a wider geographic area.

Local office hours are available evenings and weekends.
Here's how we can work with you.


Loved working with Ann!! She came up with great ideas and a beautiful plan, taking my dreams into account!! So happy for her help! More happy with every step of the plan that gets implemented. Wonderful experience overall. I appreciate her patience and on-going advice.
— Chuck H.

Local Services

  • Start with an initial meeting to determine your needs and find out how I can help you.
  • Continue with a full design plan for your yard, starting with analysis of the site plus unique sensory exercises to discover your personal connections with nature. The result is a blueprint and plant list laying out the entire landscape. Full estimate for the design work is provided with a proposal document.
  • Or choose a design plan for one area of the yard or an add-on service.

Additional special services that we can provide include:

  • maintenance plan with full description of what to do for each plant month-by-month for 12 months;
  • detail drawings for garden structures such as decks, steps, walls, fences, gates, or outdoor kitchens;
  • permitting submission assistance if permits are needed;
  • bid requests from contractors;
  • plant selection at wholesale or retail nurseries;
  • representation at HOA meetings for complex requests;
  • annual or bi-annual landscape review and walk-throughs with your landscaper to keep the design looking great over time.

Online Services

  • Online Consulting:
    Meet via web conferencing or phone call to discuss any and all garden design questions we can fit into 60 minutes. Send me drawings or photos in advance if you'd like.

$150 per hour

  • Online Courses:
    Learn key elements you can use to design the garden that works for you using self-study online content available to you 24/7.
    Prices vary by course. Courses include both video content and downloadable checklists or resources. Some courses include a private Facebook group for discussions with other learners.