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Design Services

Second Summer can help you with the perfect landscape for your home, locally in Central Texas or online across the continental United States.

Office hours are available evenings and weekends to suit your schedule.

Here’s how we can work with you:


Loved working with Ann! She came up with great ideas and a beautiful plan, taking my dreams into account! So happy for her help! More happy with every step of the plan that gets implemented. Wonderful experience overall. I appreciate her patience and on-going advice.
— Chuck H.

FREE 30-Minute Call

Find out how I can help you get a landscape designed to meet your needs and to delight you daily. In this FREE 30-minute call, we’ll talk about:

  • Your goals for the landscape around your home

  • The problems, challenges and possibilities the landscape offers now

  • How we would work together, including discussion of Elderyarding® if appropriate

  • Landscape architecture services (in Texas) and landscape design services (outside of Texas) process

  • Budget and costs

  • A schedule and plan for getting started

On-Site Consulting, Central Texas

  1. We’ll start with an initial meeting to detail your needs and identify how the landscape can support the well-being of you and your family. Two options are available:

    • Design for the entire home landscape, great for new homeowners

    • Design for a portion of the property, great for back or side yards

    • Elderyarding® - Design specific to aging-in-place

  2. A proposal document describes the scope of work and a full estimate for Second Summer®’s landscape architecture services. This is a flat fee for the specific services provided.

  3. With the signed contract, Second Summer® will conduct a site analysis, including review of existing plants and soils, measurements and photos.

  4. We’ll continue with a conceptual plan and sketches to confirm the proposed landscape fits your dreams.

  5. When the plan is finalized, you’ll have a blueprint and plant list laying out the entire project. You are ready to install it yourself or have it installed by a landscape contractor. Second Summer® can recommend great quality contractors.

Add-On Services - based on your goals

  • Fun, unique exercises developed by Second Summer® to determine your sensory responses to nature to support health and connect you closely to nature.

  • Maintenance plan with full description of what to do for each plant, month-by-month, on a yearly schedule.

  • Detailed construction drawings for garden structures such as pool, deck, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, steps, walks, fences, or gates.

  • Permitting assistance if city permits are required for any portion of the project.

  • Bid requests from recommended contractors, including arborists, pool contractors, and licensed irrigators.

  • Plant selection at wholesale or retail nurseries.

  • Representation at HOA meetings if needed.

  • Annual or bi-annual landscape review and walk-throughs with your landscaper to keep the design looking great over time.

Life Changes Review

Let’s face it. Babies arrive or kids grow up, your neighborhood changes, health or family commitments mean you change how you use your yard. You want to add or remove a pool or water feature, change the patio to fit a remodeled house, screen out views, manage stress, live independently. And, the landscape changes, too. Trees grow and shade out a lawn, shrubs get larger, plants get old.

Maybe it’s time for a re-design.

A Life Changes Review is based on the same 5 steps as On-Site Consulting, with expanded analysis of the site to determine repair, re-construction, renovation or replacement opportunities in the existing landscape.

Our unique landscape architecture service includes Elderyarding® - adaptation of your landscape to support successful aging in place and physical and mental health throughout your life.

 Online Consulting

Meet via web conferencing or phone call to discuss any and all landscape design questions we can fit into 60 minutes. Send me drawings or photos in advance if you'd like. I can provide design coaching to help you solve dilemmas or points where you’re stuck in the design of your yard. Landscape architecture services are offered throughout Texas, where I am licensed. Non-local landscape design services are available across the US. I’ve lived and worked in locations across the U.S. and am familiar with different climates and plants. Online consulting can be especially helpful to implement Elderyarding® principles, for design across the lifespan.

Online Consulting is $150 per hour.