Garden Tools for Accessibility and Ergonomic Gender Differences

Ergonomic Garden Tools Aging-in-Place

Garden Tools Designed Especially for Seniors and Women

If gardening is your passion, as you age you probably are beginning to find it harder to enjoy. Thankfully manufacturers are creating new tools to make it easier to spend time in the garden as you get older. Part of the Elderyarding® concept is to find ways to reduce strenuous tasks in the garden and to make maintaining your garden easier and more enjoyable as you age.

When arthritis, swollen joints, cranky knees and limited strength and stamina make it harder to spend time in the garden, the right tools can really make working in your landscape much easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

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Today there's a whole range of awesome garden tools that have been created to make gardening easier. There's no longer any need to stop gardening because of aches and pains. These accessible tools open the door and make gardening easier, more productive and better for your body.

Evaluating Your Garden Shed

When the rain finally stops after days of downpours and drizzle, it's lovely for gardening. Whether you have tight clay soil or sugary sand, rain makes working in it easier. And, claims aside at the garden club meeting, you know that no one has perfect loamy soil! For working that wet stuff in the ground, latex coated gloves like these can help your grip and protect the skin on your hands. you have already been thinking that once the rain stops, it will be time for some serious pruning, even of the smaller plants. So it's time to clean out the shed and make sure you have the right garden tools for the job at hand.

Elderyarding®: What to Look For When Replacing Your Old Tools

If it's time to replace your old garden tools to support your next phase in life, there are a few things to look for. Here's what's on my personal checklist:

• Foam grips for the handles of small tools like trowels

• well-made trowels – spend a little extra to get quality! The last one from the big box store broke at the weld with its first use!

• A folding stool that converts to a knee-saver for ground level work when flipped over.

• A strong ratchet pruner like this one.

• A small bucket of sand mixed with clean motor oil on a shelf in the shed for quick tool cleaning.

Along with these features and products, here are some fascinating new ideas coming out.

New Garden Tools for Accessibility and Gender Differences

Researchers in Canada studied the ergonomics of using long-handled tools like rakes and shovels. They found three types of body motion you use when gardening – lifting (like with a shovel), pushing and pulling (like with a hoe) and twisting (like with a rake or broom). These D-grips and T-grips can increase the amount of leverage in your hands, making repetitive tasks easier with less stain on your body.

More and more manufacturers are realizing that as many people choose to age in place and the urge to garden is booming, the market for ergonomic gardening tools is growing rapidly. They're creating garden tools that are ergonomically designed to keep you working in the garden longer, safer, and more comfortably.

Here are some favorites:

• The HERgonomic Shovel

Yes, there is now a shovel designed for the way a woman's body moves when she uses a shovel. It's available in three different handle lengths. The company says it has an enlarged step to maximize female lower body strength, plus a blade/handle angle to work with your digging style!

Garden Tools by Lee Valley

These tools are durable, and made from a lightweight aluminum-magnesium allow, with large curving handles to prevent hand and wrist strain. Plus, if you have a hard time finding your tools in the garden, the fluorescent green handles make them easy to see!

• Fiskars® Pruners

These pruners are designed for those with weak hands, or stiff painful joints. Their unique gear system significantly reduces the effort needed to cut.

Padded Garden Kneeler

Nothing is worse than kneeling on the hard ground. This padded garden kneeler cushions stiff, sore knees while you work. The handles on the sides allow you to use upper body strength to get up when your done with your chores. The handles also make it easy to move without having to bend over. That means it's easy on your back, legs and painful joints. And with a simple adjustment, the kneeler converts into a garden seat when you need a break.

Elderyarding® is about creating a low-maintenance landscape that is easy to maintain throughout your 50's, 60's 70's and beyond. Having the right garden tools can keep you in the garden longer, more comfortably while making maintaining your garden easier to maintain as you age.

These are just a few examples of some of the better products on the market for older gardeners. Visit your local gardening shop and take a look at what's out there!

Ann Yakimovicz