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I've been fascinated by plants and by ways to make nature more comfortable since I learned to lash branches into tables as a Girl Scout and ate peas right out of their pods in my granddad's garden plot. 

Part of my love for nature is probably inherited. My grandparents, aunts and uncles all seemed to be passionate about digging in the dirt.

My own garden is a 20 year experiment with native plants in a "tough love" garden on a half acre of rocky, alkaline soil in central Texas.


 Sustainable, drought-resistant, and Firewise(R) concepts are all part of the mix.

A turning point for me came when members of my extended family aged and struggled with the inability to work outside. I began to consider howgardens and residential yards could be designed to be ageless.

These days, I'm excited to focus on residential design that becomes a unique pocket of naturefor happy, healthy, low-stress living shaped around the people who live there.


Ann Yakimovicz, Ph.D., RLA

Ann Yakimovicz, Ph.D., RLA

Over and over again, studies show that engaging with nature in our own way has a marvelous ability to restore and support us. Go for it!