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Ann Yakimovicz has been fascinated by plants and constructing ways to make the outdoor world around her function more comfortably since her 9th grade effort to make the “perfect” lashed twig tables at a Girl Scout camp. 

As a "military brat," she traveled to many states, plus European and Asian countries, observing how people interact with nature in living day-to-day, watching how they create solutions to accommodate their individual needs.

Part of Ann’s love for plants and for experiencing nature is probably genetic. Both of her grandmothers were avid gardeners, with substantial yards full of flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Her father—and his 12 siblings—were often recognized in their communities for their "green thumbs."

Her personal gardening experience includes 20 years experimenting with native plants in a "tough love" garden on a half acre of rocky, alkaline soil in central Texas.  Sustainable, drought-resistant, and Firewise(R) concepts are all part of the mix.


A turning point for Ann came when members of her extended family aged and struggled with the inability to work outside. She began to ask herself how gardens and residential yards could be designed for lifelong pleasure and enjoyment.

As she worked in various jobs throughout her career, she gathered bits and pieces of information that began to coalesce into an idea for a landscape architecture firm that helps folks adapt their outdoor environments to live more comfortably and enjoyably. 

Today, Ann's more excited than ever about the chance to focus on residential design especially for Baby Boomers. It is her personal passion to help you create unique pockets of nature that are a perfect fit for you as a homeowner aging in place, nature that supports you mentally, physically, and spiritually throughout your life.

Second Summer™ is a landscape architecture firm owned by Ann Yakimovicz, Ph.D., RLA. Ann earned her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in 1986 and has practiced landscape architecture in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Texas.


Ann Yakimovicz, Ph.D., RLA

Ann Yakimovicz, Ph.D., RLA

Over and over again, studies show that engaging with nature in our own way has a marvelous ability to keep us young. Go for it!