Ann Yakimovicz, RLA

Ann Yakimovicz, RLA

PS. My husband calls me ‘Miss Muddy Paws.’ I’ve been known to pull weeds in shopping center plantings. Now if I could just find time for the weeds in our own yard...!


Creating landscape designs with nature-happy homeowners is my life’s love. But I didn't start out here!

I remember driving down the street one day while in college. Suddenly the world flipped! My viewpoint became three-dimensional "rooms" that could be designed by a landscape architect for people to experience as they moved through. How fun! How exciting!!

So my career began in an an engineering firm with developers as clients. For me, this turned out to be dull. I didn't mind calculating cut and fill for big box stores or laying out streets in subdivisions. But 3D design and plants weren't on the menu much.

I found that I'm definitely a designer. What I love, love, love is working out the details of eco-friendly landscape design for the people living in a house - human-scale!

Ultimately the perfect design is one with YOUR stamp on it, not mine, though. It's tremendous fun to work with homeowners. You and I will explore how you and nature connect using a series of sensory exercises I've developed to find your nature's heartprint. Then, I mingle your ideas, dreams, perceptions and capability with the natural world.

The 3D room of earth and sky around your home should be a landscape that you love, that you fit into like a comfy chair. Every time you pull in the driveway or sit on the porch or just look out the window, no matter the weather or the season, it should embed itself in your heart.

Details about me:

Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture, Texas A&M University, Tx  RLA license 1669
I live in the Austin area and have landscaped about 1/2 of our 1-acre homesite with lots of native and a few adapted plants. No irrigation system; everything lives with soaker hoses and a few sprinkler sessions when drought beckons.