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Introducing Second Summer

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Second Summer is a residential landscape design firm helping homeowners move fearlessly from a dreamy vision to an awesome yard that you'll love to come home to. We can help with your garden design locally if you live in Central Texas. Or try our online garden design courses and online design consulting for other areas.

You're just not sure what's possible when you partner with a designer?

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What's Your Garden Dream?


Sustain nature

You love native plants and want a yard filled with birds, butterflies, native bees, bugs and bats. Your checklist includes drought tolerance, water for wildlife, nooks where fireflies can hatch and flicker at dusk.


Relax and heal

You're frantic, stressed and can't get outdoors often. You're longing for a nature connection, one that entices you in all seasons, from every window and door, for nature's restorative power, calm and soothing.



You're picturing family, friends, food, fun. A spot for romance, a spot for mud pies and picnics. Special plants, flowers and fragrance add pure enchantment as you chat and watch the sun go down.

Ann did an absolutely beautiful job creating a new look for my yard. She and the landscaper she recommended worked beautifully together to implement her plan.
— Jan B.

When you are ready for a landscape design, whether you plan to do-it-yourself or hire a landscape contractor to install, let’s sit down and have a chat. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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